Staff Directory

City Clerk/Treasurer:  Melissa Finseth  218.563.3043

City Maintenance Supervisor:  Larry Hedlund, 218.563.3747

Web Site Creation and Administration

McIntosh’s web site was first created in 2008.  It was designed and created by Mara Wittman,, planner at the Northwest Regional Development Commissionin Warren.  Mara created the site with information collected by Teresa Syverson, McIntosh’s City Clerk and Mara’s knowledge of the McIntosh area.  After initial creation, Mara transferred the site to the official city clerk computer.  Then Mara trained Teresa in basic updating, new page creation, and inserting photographs in Frontpage software.  The web site was then published to their official web site address.  This type of domain name is free and available to all Minnesota cities.  After publishing, Teresa took over the web site in 2007 making exciting changes and additions that reflect the unique feel of their community.  Mara continues to be available to assist with future changes and problems.

McIntosh, Erskine, Winger, Fertile, and Mentor were all part of a project run by the People Connection in Fosston to improve the broadband access and internet presence of these five communities.  To find out more about this project contact Donna Rae Jacobson 218-435-2134 or visit their web site at

Does this sound like something your community would be interested in?  Mara can create a similar basic site for your community if you are located in Northwestern Minnesota.  Note: Only communities location in the Minnesota counties of Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, or Roseau are eligible.  Please contact or call 218-745-7612 to find out more.  Web sites are created on a first come, first served basis depending on Mara’s schedule and availability.  The key to the success of this program, is empowering your city to maintain and update your own site but not be burdened with the initial design phase.