City of McIntosh
115 Broadway NW
McIntosh, MN 56556


McIntosh MuralThe Name McIntosh

Angus J. McIntosh gave his name to a town in which he would live only briefly.  An enterprising individual, he purchased some of the open land in the town site located a few miles west of his store and lodging house.

History of McIntosh

In the year 1882 the thirteen towns were opened for homesteads and the year of 1886 started the settlement of McIntosh.  Mr. S.P. Johnson (the first settler) realized the advantage it would be to settlers to have a village in this locality.  He came upon this tract of school land, after much deliberation and planning, he succeeded in getting Ole Lee and Knute Austin to be interested in his plans.  Mr. McIntosh had a general store located north-east of this school land, known as “Old McIntosh.”  When Mr. S.P. Johnson started a general store on the school land, this became known as “New McIntosh” making the “Old” and “New” rivals.  There was much excitement when the railroad came in, to see which one was to be the winner.


Population: 625 (2010 Census)
Households: 262 (2010 Census)
Estimated Acres of Land: 300
Miles of City Streets: 25

City of McIntosh General information:

Organization:    Mayor/Council/Clerk
City Bond Rating:  Moody’s BAA2
Comprehensive Land Use:  Yes
Locally Controlled Loan Program: Yes
Recycling:   Yes
Fire Insurance Rating:   3
Industrial Plans Approved By:  City Building Official